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At Bunyan, we believe that our children possess hidden treasures and untapped potentials that need someone to unlock their springs and optimize their investment. We are confident that they have the abilities and capabilities to become innovators, programmers, and more—all they need is the opportunity

mohsen fadel
Founder, CEO at Bonyan

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Because Bunyan is built on a disciplined scientific curriculum and well-structured educational paths that blend enjoyment with benefit

At Bunyan, we operate on a rigorous quality system and continuous development that regularly reviews the educational process to achieve the highest level of efficiency

Bunyan boasts a faculty that excels in scientific knowledge professionally, possessing the highest level of educational and pedagogical skills

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At Bunyan, we believe that nurturing our children is the cornerstone of all development.

Bunyan is an Arabic educational platform for teaching programming to children. Our main goal is to spread the programming culture in our communities to shape a new generation of young programmers—a generation that is creative, innovative, and deeply aware of the importance of programming, technology, and computer science in our current era. They should be capable of keeping up with the rapid developments occurring every day and, consequently, capable of crafting the future we all aspire to.


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